About (and why damppebbles?)

Hello. My name is Emma and damppebbles is my baby. I’m in my…ahem…late thirties and live in South Oxfordshire with my husband and two young children (my 3 year old son gives me a run for my money in the book loving stakes).

One of my childhood memories that always sticks in my mind is when I would bundle up my Sweet Valley Twins books, take them to school and lend them (in a cool library like fashion) to my friends. Many I would never see again (books, not friends) but I think from that point on I learnt the joy in sharing books.

My tastes have changed somewhat and I’m more into serial killer novels than books about horses and milkshakes (thanks for starting me off on the right foot though SVT) but I still want to share books with people. (I used to volunteer in the local library so know what I’m talking about when I say libraries are cool!!)

I’ve always found recommendations from real readers rather than PR hype to be a good starting point when choosing a new read. Which meant that I followed several book blogs. One day it dawned on me that I could start a blog myself and damppebbles was created.

damppebbles is a play on the name of the UK bookstore, Waterstones. damppebbles because if I ever win the lottery I’m opening my own bookshop. A bit like Waterstones but so much better as I’d serve wine!

damppebbles with a lower case ‘d’, no capital letters and no spaces!

My husband and I were walking through Plymouth one day and hubby asked what I would call my bookshop if I ever won the lottery and was able to open one (my dream!). The name came out of the blue and made us both laugh. damppebbles was referred to on other occasions too, like an in-joke between the two of us. When it came time to find a name for the blog it made perfect sense to call it damppebbles. Nothing else would have done really.

Writing a book often takes a team of very talented people working behind the scenes, helping to make the magic happen. That’s certainly the case with damppebbles. I would like to take this opportunity to offer heartfelt thanks to my guest reviewer and beta reader – my husband, Ryan – and my proofreader – my mum, Jackie – for helping make damppebbles what it is. Thank you ♡

25 thoughts on “About (and why damppebbles?)

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  2. i always envisgaed ‘damppebbles’ lying on a beach together but alone… love the wine idea.. I will be first in the queue… loving the new look..fantastic blog x

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