Now You See Me by Jean Bedford

28582162“Journalist Noel Baker is no stranger to reporting horrific and gruesome crimes.

But when a disturbing suggestion arises in a coroner’s report, she decides to look into her new case more closely.

Young Belinda Carey has been killed and with the parents the obvious suspects, the police are looking no further for the culprit.

But Noel senses a disturbing pattern with the deaths of other abused children and she realizes that Belinda’s death may not have been at the hands of her neglectful and abusive parents.

As Noel’s investigation unfolds, the killer writes a diary.

The diary reveals a horrific childhood with unspeakable suffering, and these demons of the past rear their heads in the present…

It reveals that the killer is right amongst them, one of an old circle of university friends.

But which one?

Who could be driven to such deplorable acts?”

When I first started reading this book I didn’t think I was going to like it.  I may have mentioned before that I’m not really fan of “love and cuddles” in my books and this one starts with some sauciness!  However, I was pleasantly surprised and devoured the book in a few short days.

Originally published in 1997 this review relates to the Endeavour Press e-book version which has been recently published.  There is no way to tell this book is nearly 20 years old, it felt very current to me.  Knowing that it was originally published some time ago made me look for clues as to it’s age but I couldn’t find any.

The subject matter is hard to bear at times, what with the central storyline focussing on the murders of abused children.  However, if you can stomach it, it’s a great story and one I would recommend.  The characters are all university friends but among them a serial killer sits.  Who is it?  There are red herrings galore (lovely!) which I loved.  Do you ever really know those you are closest too?

A fantastic, no holds barred crime novel – definitely worth a look.

Four out of five stars.

Thanks to Endeavour Press and NetGalley for allowing me to have a copy of this book for review.

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