The Evil Inside by Philip Taffs

51yRejZSCmL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_“A NEW MILLENNIUM.

On 31 December 1999, Australian advertising creative Guy Russell arrives in New York along with his fragile wife and their young son. A painful tragedy has led them to swap Melbourne for Manhattan, and seek a fresh start.


With a new job secured at a thriving midtown agency, and temporary residence obtained in the Upper West Side’s Olcott Hotel – a building with a morbid history of its own – Guy feels that now is the time to lay his troubles to rest.


Yet something won’t let him. And as a sinister force from Guy’s past begins to scratch its way back into his present, the behaviour of his son, Callum, also starts to become increasingly disturbing and chilling.

As Guy begins to believe that Callum is being possessed by this dark force, others fear he is gradually dispossessing himself of his own sanity. And as Guy grapples with whether the evil tormenting him is in his surroundings, his son, or his own mind, he pushes himself ever closer to the edge.”

I found this book quite shocking (in a good way…if there is a good way!).  I was so completely caught up in the story I just didn’t see the climax of the book coming and when it did…WHAM!  It knocked my socks off.  I finished reading a couple of hours ago but I feel the book is still very much with me and giving me goosebumps.  Brrrrr…

Guy and Mia are expecting their second child but the very worst happens leaving the couple heartbroken and bereft.  In an attempt to rebuild their lives Guy decides to move his family from Australia to New York.  Shortly after their arrival in The Big Apple strange things start to happen and their 3 year old son, Callum seems to be in the midst of it all.

This is quite a disturbing story.  Scrap that, this is a VERY disturbing story.  A very disturbing chilling story about a nice normal family man being pushed to the edge of his sanity.  I want to write so much more about this book but I’d be giving the plot away, which I just can’t do to you.

I found Philip Taffs writing style very easy to read so breezed through this novel in under 24 hours.  I really struggled to put it down and socialise with my (poor) family, it was that good.

It’s a great well written story which I devoured.  Four and a half stars our of five.

Many thanks to Philip Taffs for providing me with a copy of The Evil Inside in exchange for an honest review.

The Evil Inside by Philip Taffs was published in the UK on 23rd October 2014 by Quercus and is available in paperback, eBook and audio book formats | |

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