Case Closed: January 2017 #amreading #amreviewing #bookblogger

It’s a new year, yay!  And with a new year comes the C word (…change of course…!).  I’ve given the blog a mini makeover, I’ve celebrated my first year as a blogger and removed the ‘newbie’ tag that has protected me somewhat for the past 12 months and, wait for it…I’ve decided to introduce a monthly summary post!  Those of you that have been around for a little while now (thanks for sticking with me guys) may have a vague, foggy memory of a damppebbles summary post before.  It lasted the grand total of one month.  I hope to improve upon that this time and maybe stretch it to two, possibly three months…ha!

Anyhoo, this is a monthly recap post and not an attempt to become Mystic Emma.  We’ll see how it goes (just don’t hold your breath!).

It’s been a little quiet on the blog this month but that’s because I have been frantically reading for some cracking blog tours, scheduled for January and February.  My month (my year!) started with probably one of my proudest moments as a blogger; having a stop on a Simon Kernick blog tour, cue the fangirl moment!  I’ve taken part in a number of absolutely brilliant blog tours during January and count myself as one very lucky little blogger:

Of these, six were reviews (here are the links):
The Bone Field by Simon Kernick | Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent | The River at Night by Erica Ferencik | Deep Down Dead by Steph Broadribb | Burned and Broken by Mark Hardie | The Good Enough Mother by Anoushka Beazley

And four were guest posts or extracts:
Rupture by Ragnar Jonasson | Games People Play by Owen Mullen | The Day That Never Comes by Caimh McDonnell | Uncoiled Lies by Liz Mistry |

I also had my first blogiversary post which had such a phenomenal response. A staggering number of views and so many best wishes which I am eternally grateful for, thank you! Congratulations to my giveaway winner…Hemmie Martin (sorry for the delay in getting your prizes to you Hemmie, they will be with you soon).

And so I begin my second year of book blogging, hooray!

I have a couple of (rather late) new years blog resolutions which I would like to share with you so that I may try that little bit harder to stick to them.  For my Christmas present in 2015, and 2016, my husband very kindly offered to buy me a book a month.  There are rules though.  Rule number one is that I must not have mentioned or asked for the book he buys (impossible!).  Rule two is that he chooses the book, I have absolutely no say whatsoever (eek!) and rule three is that I must read the book (well, duh).  Well, duh indeed as I have completely failed to read the majority of books he purchased for me last year.  So my first resolution of the year is to make sure I read the books he buys.  My second resolution is to read more of the books I WANT to read, rather than the books I feel I have to read.  Simple, huh?  We’ll see.

And finally, I would like to remind all published crime writers that I am more than happy to host guest posts on the blog (I do love a guest post!).  I’m not a fast reader so there are spaces on the blog which need to be filled.  Why not fill them with your wonderful, inspiring, interesting words.

Thanks for January 2017 lovely booky people.  Let’s make February even better 😉


22 thoughts on “Case Closed: January 2017 #amreading #amreviewing #bookblogger

    • Of course! A blog tour is when an author or publisher asks a small(ish) number of bloggers to either review or post a guest post on a prearranged day. They tend to make pretty posters for us to display. You get more traffic thanks to the poster and the author gets extra interest in their books. They’re terrific publicity for all involved.

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  1. Love the mini makeover Emma, and love your husband’s thoughtful presents. You’ve achieved so much in a short time with your awesome blog and I never think of you as a newbie 😘😘😘

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