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Hello and welcome to the blog on this rather momentous November day! Today marks the start of #R3COMM3ND3D2020, woohoooo! I am so excited about this year’s feature. Partly because I’ve seen some of the books which have already been recommended (they’re gorgeous!) and partly because after a year of, well….2020, we could all do with something warm and squishy to brighten our days (which I believe #R3COMM3ND3D provides in abundance!).

Kicking off the feature for me this year is the fabulous Joanne Baird of Portobello Book Blog. Joanne’s blog is absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend it. Joanne was one of the first bloggers I followed when I started damppebbles a few years ago. If you don’t already, make sure you give her a follow!

So, what is #R3COMM3ND3D2020? It’s about sharing the book love. It’s a chance for authors, book bloggers and bookstagrammers to shout about three (yes, *only* three) books they love. They can be written by any author, in any genre and published in any way (traditionally, indie press or self-published). But there is a catch. All three books must have been published in 2020. To make things interesting I have added a couple of teeny, tiny rules which are; 1) the book must have first been published in 2020 and 2) special editions and reissues do not count. I like to keep you lovely people on your toes. πŸ˜‰

So without further ado, here are the three books Joanne recommends…

R3C20 hamnet by maggie o'farrell

Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell
Maggie O’Farrell can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. I’ve loved all her books. This is the story of Shakespeare’s family during the plague in the late 16th century. The author’s attention to detail makes Elizabethan history and the way of life seem so vivid and alive without it feeling like this is a history book you are reading. This is a really compelling read and a contender for my book of the year.
Joanne’s Review of Hamnet

R3C20 the secret seaside escape by heidi swain

The Secret Seaside Escape by Heidi Swain
I think we’ve all wanted to run away this year and Heidi Swain helps us do just that with a trip to the seaside. It takes you away from the worry and stress of everyday life. A great book to curl up with and imagine those holidays that we will one day be able to enjoy again.
Joanne’s Review of The Secret Seaside Escape

R3C20 the little bookshop of love stories by jaimie admans

The Little Bookshop of Love Stories by Jaimie Admans
I can’t resist a book set in a bookshop and I love when you find a dedication handwritten on the inside of a second hand book – this book combines both. It was romantic, cheerful and feel-good and I loved it from start to finish, an absolute delight to read.
Joanne’s Review of The Little Bookshop of Love Stories

What beautiful choices, Joanne. Thank you so much for sharing them with us and kicking off #R3COMM3ND3D2020!

If Joanne has managed to tempt you, or if you would like to find out more about the books recommended above, please see the following links:

Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell
The Secret Seaside Escape by Heidi Swain
The Little Bookshop of Love Stories by Jaimie Admans

About Joanne:
I’m a busy wife and mum who lives in Edinburgh by the sea and loves to read! I’ve been blogging for over five years now and have made so many wonderful friends in the bookish community. I also help organise our local free book festival Portobello Book Festival.

Joanne’s Blog and Social Media Links:
| Portobello Book Blog | Twitter @portybelle | Facebook | Instagram @portybelle |

If you’re a book blogger, bookstagrammer or an author and you have three books published this year which you want to shout about then please complete the following form (or click this link: https://forms.gle/kHTQeQdiUNZTsW4d6)

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