#BookReview: Black Widows by Cate Quinn @orionbooks #BlackWidows #damppebbles

"Aged nineteen, devout Rachel marries fundamentalist Mormon, Blake Nelson, and moves to a remote homestead in rural Utah. Isolated and alone, Rachel obeys her husband's advice to keep sweet and prepare for End of Days. Soon after their disappointing wedding night, Blake takes his second wife - emotionally-troubled, jailbait, Emily. Though it's not until the … Continue reading #BookReview: Black Widows by Cate Quinn @orionbooks #BlackWidows #damppebbles

#BlogTour | #BookReview: The Sanctuary by Emma Haughton @HodderBooks @HodderFiction @HodderPublicity @JennyPlatt90 #TheSanctuary #damppebbles

"Very few people get to stay here. And some don't get to leave ... Zoey doesn't remember anything about last night. But she knows something went badly wrong. For she is no longer in New York. She's woken up in the desert, in a white building she doesn't recognise, and she's alone. When she discovers she's been … Continue reading #BlogTour | #BookReview: The Sanctuary by Emma Haughton @HodderBooks @HodderFiction @HodderPublicity @JennyPlatt90 #TheSanctuary #damppebbles

#BookReview: The Thirty-One Doors by Kate Hulme @CoronetBooks #TheThirtyOneDoors #damppebbles

"If these walls could talk . . . Scarpside House is famed for its beauty, its isolation, and its legendary parties. Tonight, it hosts the Penny Club soiree. An annual gathering of lucky men and women from all walks of life, coming together to celebrate their survival against the odds. But this year their luck … Continue reading #BookReview: The Thirty-One Doors by Kate Hulme @CoronetBooks #TheThirtyOneDoors #damppebbles

#BookReview: Eight Detectives by Alex Pavesi #EightDetectives #damppebbles #20booksofsummer22

"All murder mysteries follow a simple set of rules. In the 1930s, Grant McAllister, a mathematics professor turned author, worked them out, hiding their secrets in a book of crime stories. Then Grant disappeared. Julia Hart has finally tracked him down. She wants to know what happened to him. But she's about to discover that … Continue reading #BookReview: Eight Detectives by Alex Pavesi #EightDetectives #damppebbles #20booksofsummer22

#BookReview: The Apartment Upstairs by Lesley Kara @TransworldBooks #TheApartmentUpstairs #damppebbles

"Scarlett's aunt lived - and was brutally murdered - in the apartment upstairs. But Scarlett is determined that life should return to some kind of normal, even if that means living with just a ceiling between her and the scene of such a devastating crime. After all, this is her home. She's safe here. Isn't … Continue reading #BookReview: The Apartment Upstairs by Lesley Kara @TransworldBooks #TheApartmentUpstairs #damppebbles

#BookReview: One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus @PenguinUKBooks #OneofUsIsLying #damppebbles

"Five students walk into detention. Only four come out alive. Yale hopeful Bronwyn has never publicly broken a rule. Sports star Cooper only knows what he's doing in the baseball diamond. Bad boy Nate is one misstep away from a life of crime. Prom queen Addy is holding together the cracks in her perfect life. And outsider Simon, creator of the notorious gossip app … Continue reading #BookReview: One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus @PenguinUKBooks #OneofUsIsLying #damppebbles

#BookReview: Nine Lives by Peter Swanson @FaberBooks #NineLives #damppebbles

"If you're on the list you're marked for death. The envelope is unremarkable. There is no return address. It contains a single, folded, sheet of white paper. The envelope drops through the mail slot like any other piece of post. But for the nine complete strangers who receive it - each of them recognising just … Continue reading #BookReview: Nine Lives by Peter Swanson @FaberBooks #NineLives #damppebbles

#BookReview: Breathless by Amy McCulloch @MichaelJBooks #Breathless #damppebbles

"When struggling journalist Cecily Wong is invited to join an expedition to climb one of the world's tallest mountains, it seems like the chance of a lifetime. She doesn't realise how deadly the climb will be. As their small team starts to climb, things start to go wrong. There's a theft. Then an accident. Then … Continue reading #BookReview: Breathless by Amy McCulloch @MichaelJBooks #Breathless #damppebbles

#BookReview: Opal Country by Chris Hammer @Wildfirebks #OpalCountry #damppebbles

"Opals... In the desolate outback town of Finnigans Gap, police struggle to maintain law and order. Thieves pillage opal mines, religious fanatics recruit vulnerable youngsters and billionaires do as they please. Bodies... Then an opal miner is found crucified and left to rot down his mine. Nothing about the miner's death is straight-forward, not even … Continue reading #BookReview: Opal Country by Chris Hammer @Wildfirebks #OpalCountry #damppebbles

#BookReview: Never Saw Me Coming by Vera Kurian @HarvillSecker #NeverSawMeComing #damppebbles

"Meet Chloe. First-year student, ordinary, legging-wearing, girl next door...and highly intelligent diagnosed psychopath. Her hobbies include yogalates, parties, and plotting to kill Will Bachman. Chloe is part of a secret clinical study of young psychopaths run by the university's Psychology Department. Most psychopaths aren't criminals, but when a string of murders on campus causes upheaval, … Continue reading #BookReview: Never Saw Me Coming by Vera Kurian @HarvillSecker #NeverSawMeComing #damppebbles