Bloq by Alan Jones

31dMPvbhpZL._SX298_BO1,204,203,200_“Glasgow man Bill Ingram waits in the city’s Central Station to meet his daughter, returning home from London for Christmas.

When the last train pulls in, and she doesn’t get off it, he makes a desperate overnight dash to find out why.

His search for her takes over his life, costing him his job and, as he withdraws from home, family and friends, he finds himself alone, despairing of ever seeing her again.”

Bill Ingram is my new hero.  What a man!  This is a clever and compelling read that takes hold of you and just won’t let go.  Many of my fellow bloggers have loved this book and I can understand why (apart from the fact that they all have fantastic book taste!).

Bill waits at the station for his daughter to arrive from London for Christmas.  But she doesn’t show and he can’t contact her on her mobile.  He’s understandably worried so jumps in his car and makes the long journey from Glasgow to London.  Arriving in the early hours of Christmas morning he finds her flat deserted and it looks like it’s been that way for some time.  Bill takes it upon himself to find his daughter, Carol, but what he doesn’t realise is that his search will change EVERYTHING…

Taking you into the seedy underworld of gangs, prostitution and drugs this is a no holds barred book.  There are fairly explicit sexual references but it all fitted in well with the story and I felt it was necessary.  There’s a fair bit of violence too but that’s perfectly acceptable to this crime/thriller loving blogger!

Plenty of twists and turns to keep you turning those pages from start to finish.  At points I found myself sat on the very edge of my seat which is testament to a good writer. I was however starting to wonder how Alan Jones was going to conclude the book.  I couldn’t see a way out for Bill and Co. and I was starting to run out of pages!  So when the conclusion arrived it knocked my socks off!  It was completely unexpected but thoroughly brilliant.

I heartily recommend this book and would pick up another Alan Jones book to read in a heartbeat.

Four and a half out of five stars.

Thanks to Crime Fiction Addict on FB and Alan Jones for providing me with a copy of Bloq in exchange for an honest review.

Bloq by Alan Jones was published in the UK on 1st April 2016 by Ailsa Publishing and is available in eBook format | |




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