Guest Post: J A Schneider (author of Fear Dreams) #damppebblesTakeOver

Today I have the very lovely J A Schneider joining me on damppebbles.  J A (Joyce) is hugely supportive of my book reviews so I was thrilled when she wanted to write something for the blog.

J A Schneider is a psychological thriller writer but that’s not how she started out (she will tell you more about that in a moment).  Here is the blurb for her psychological thriller FEAR DREAMS:

unnamed“Liddy Barron, an artist, was injured in a hit-and-run accident that left her with recurring nightmares, partial amnesia, and an increasing obsession in the disappearance of a coed named Sasha Perry. Was Sasha murdered? Insecure and nervous, Liddy’s turmoil grows as she begins seeing ghostly images. Her husband Paul tries to help but suspects it’s just her imagination…while intuitive Detective Kerri Blasco, also obsessed with young Sasha’s disappearance, senses that Liddy may have a key to solving the case, and tries to unravel the shocking truth of what really haunts her.”


I can’t wait to read this one and I love that cover.  Feels quite menacing and claustrophobic.  Definitely one for the TBR!

Without further ado, here is J A Schneider’s guest post…

To what extent is writing self-analysis?

It took me a few bleeping years to discover this…and myself. My first six books were medical thrillers in which the female & male protagonist were maybe too perfect (It’s the EMBRYO series, here’s the 3rd: They didn’t click, I haven’t promoted them, have left the series….

…but spent 3 1/2 years writing it before something finally clicked but I was unaware I was doing it.  What emerged starting last December was my first psychological thriller, FEAR DREAMS, published last March 28. It features two female protagonists: a nervous, insecure artist (that’s me), & a strong, determined, insightful detective named Kerri Blasco – but she’s me too!! The two parts of me – does that sound crazy? Maybe not.

So again…is writing – after maybe years of doing it wrong – self analysis? Self discovery better than any shrink could discover? Maybe some people find their voice right away. I didn’t.

Kerri Blasco figures strongly in the thriller I’m writing now (will finish in a month). And Kerri, again, is helping a woman both desperate and vulnerable.


Thank you Joyce for this insightful post and the interesting question it raises.  Do you have to know yourself before you can truly know your characters? What do you think? Hmm…one for the authors reading this post to ponder on. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Smith & Sons (11)unnamed

J.A. (Joyce Anne) Schneider is a former staffer at Newsweek. Once a Liberal Arts major (French Literature), she has become increasingly fascinated with medicine, forensic science, and human psychology. Decades of being married to a physician who loves explaining medical concepts and reliving his experiences means that there’ll be medical angles even in “regular” thrillers that she writes. She lives with her family in Connecticut, USA.

Connect with Joyce:

5 thoughts on “Guest Post: J A Schneider (author of Fear Dreams) #damppebblesTakeOver

  1. Hi Emma!

    How I love your book reviews, so I’m truly thrilled to guest on your blog. Thank you! You have a gift that helped me just…spew; tell how years of doing it wrong or partly wrong led finally to the big “aha!” of self knowledge. I was so happy to be part of your blog and send you hugs!! xx


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