#BookReview: The Killing Game by J.S. Carol (@JamesCarolBooks) @bookouture

51hsfmseivl-_sy346_“A woman walks into a restaurant. Will she come out alive?

JJ Johnson is Hollywood’s favourite publicist. Her word can launch careers – and break them.

But when lunch at exclusive restaurant Alfie’s turns into a fight for her life against a terrifying stranger, she quickly learns this is one situation she can’t talk her way out of.

The twisted individual knows everything about each of the wealthy diners. And soon, it becomes clear that he wants something more than money.

Can JJ find a way out, or risk becoming a victim to a man with nothing left to lose…?”

Oh wow, oh gosh and another whopping ‘oh wow’!  What a book…..heart stopping, edge of your seat, can’t put it down stuff.  Absolutely brilliant!  Blimey…

Hollywood publicist JJ Johnson wines, dines and spins for a living.  And she’s good at it, really good.  So much so that the high and mighty of Hollywood knock on her door on a daily basis.  Whilst out for one of her many business lunches at an exclusive LA restaurant, JJ is caught up in a terrifying  hostage situation.  A heavily armoured terrorist wearing a bomb holds the diners and staff prisoner.  He’s not particularly forthcoming with his reasons for holding Hollywood’s elite captive and he’s not all that bothered who he kills either.  Any excuse will do.  And if you try to kill him, the bomb goes off.  It’s connected to a heart rate monitor so if he dies, they all die.  Can terrified JJ work out what is going on before the terrorists sights land on her….?

This is a seriously exciting, pulse racing read and I LOVED it!  One for my top reads of 2016 list I do believe.  I can’t remember that last time I read a book that was this captivating, this enthralling that I had to put normal life on hold.  I should say that I am a huge fan of James Carol’s Jefferson Winter books so I had high expectations.  Also, a number of my blogger friends read this book earlier in the year and told me how good it was.  They also told me that I would love it so when I say expectations were high, they were really high.  It went so far beyond what I expected.  A sublime piece of storytelling!

The story is told from several perspectives; from JJ’s, from movie action hero Alex King’s and from the TV journalists reporting on the hostage situation from outside.  I loved JJ.  She’s a bottom kicking business woman with somewhat dubious morals  (I guess you have to be being a publicist!) but a lot of heart too.  Her back story was fascinating and provided me with all I needed to understand her character a little more.  Alex King was the perfect anti-hero; completely different to his screen persona and I loved the contrast that real vs. fiction brought.  And then you have the tv news teams to whom it doesn’t matter if people die, providing they get it on film.  They don’t care, they just want to make thrilling television so their ratings go through the roof.  Brilliant!  Each individual account builds the story into a nail biting tale that I couldn’t put down.

Would I recommend this book?  You bet I would.  I don’t need to go to the gym, this book gave me the best cardiac workout I’ve had in a while!  A completely  absorbing read that kept me on the edge from the very start to the very end.  I loved the unexpected violence, the callousness of the characters and their ability to stab others in the back to save their own.  Loved it!

Five out of five stars.

Many thanks to Bookouture, NetGalley and J.S. Carol.  I chose to read and review an ARC copy of The Killing Game.

The Killing Game by J.S. Carol was published in the UK by Bookouture on 13th October 2016 and is available is paperback and eBook formats | amazon.co.uk | amazon.com | Goodreads | Bookouture |

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James Carol is the bestselling author of BROKEN DOLLS, the first in a series featuring former FBI profiler Jefferson Winter. The novel was released in the UK in January 2014 to rave reviews and reached number 1 on the Amazon fiction and thriller charts. In addition James is writing a series of eBooks set during Winter’s FBI days. PRESUMED GUILTY is the first of these. Under the pseudonym J.S. Carol, he has also written THE KILLING GAME.

Author Links: | amazon.co.uk | Twitter | Facebook | Website |


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