#R3COMM3ND3D2018 with The Puzzle Doctor (@puzzledoctor) #InSearchOfTheClassicMysteryNovel #damppebbles

It’s Monday! Which can mean only one thing. The weekend is over. That and it’s time for another #R3COMM3ND3D2018 post!

Today I am delighted to welcome the mysterious Puzzle Doctor, who blogs over at In Search Of The Classic Mystery Novel, to damppebbles. The Puzzle Doctor will be sharing his three #R3COMM3ND3D picks with us shortly but first, let me explain what #R3COMM3ND3D2018 is all about…

#R3COMM3ND3D2018 is a chance for bookish types to recommend three books you must read. Any genre, any author, any publisher (traditional, self or indie). There is a catch though. The books must have been published last year.

So without further ado, let’s see what the Puzzle Doctor has chosen…

gallows court.jpg

Gallows Court by Martin Edwards
After a long while producing essential reference works and anthologies, Martin returns to crime fiction with a stunning thriller set in the Golden Age of detective fiction.

a fatal obsession.jpg

A Fatal Obsession by Faith Martin
The sort of book my blog was created to find – a newly written mystery with a proper whodunit plot (that fooled me). Endearing central characters and a convincing sixties Oxford setting helps as well. A real winner.

the case of the dead shepherd.jpg

The Case of the Dead Shepherd (A Ludovic Travers Mystery) by Christopher Bush
Do re-releases count? [Erm. No. Bit late for that now though so I’ll allow this one] I hope so as Dean St Press has done sterling work reissuing lost classics such as the work of Francis Vivian and Christopher Bush, this being a highlight, a dark tale of the murder of a headmaster in, surprisingly for the Golden Age, a state school rather than a posh private institution. Bleak and moving, this is a stunning piece of work.

Great choices (despite the re-release) and I’ll be adding a couple of these to my wish list.

If the Puzzle Doctor has managed to tempt you, or if you would like to find out more about the books he recommends, please see the following links:

| Gallows Court by Martin Edwards | A Fatal Obsession by Faith Martin | The Case of the Dead Shepherd by Christopher Bush |

About The Puzzle Doctor:
1000 reviews and counting… Book blogger, teacher, cat-wrangler.

The Puzzle Doctor’s Social Media Links:
| In Search Of The Classic Mystery Novel | Twitter @puzzledoctor |

If you’re a book blogger, author or you work in publishing and have three books published this year that you want to shout about. then please complete the following form (or click this link: https://forms.gle/PE483qCyrKEgV5Uq6)

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