#BlogTour | #BookReview: Nobody But Us by Laure Van Rensburg @MichaelJBooks #NobodyButUs #damppebbles

"He's a well-respected college professor. She's a young and eager-to-please student. He knows she would do anything for him. She knows his certainty is his weakness He thinks he'll get what he wants. She thinks he'll get exactly what he needs. Two liars. One twisted path. A game of cat and mouse. BUT WHO IS … Continue reading #BlogTour | #BookReview: Nobody But Us by Laure Van Rensburg @MichaelJBooks #NobodyButUs #damppebbles

#BookReview: Summer Fever by Kate Riordan @MichaelJBooks #SummerFever #damppebbles

"A HOT ITALIAN SUMMER. TWO COUPLES. ONE DARK SECRET THAT COULD RUIN EVERYTHING. . . Nick and Laura are the hosts: pretending their marriage isn't on the rocks. Madison and Bastian are the guests: neither is remotely who they claim to be. Under the scorching Mediterranean sun, no secret is safe. No betrayal goes unnoticed. … Continue reading #BookReview: Summer Fever by Kate Riordan @MichaelJBooks #SummerFever #damppebbles

#BookReview: Outside by Ragnar JΓ³nasson @MichaelJBooks #Outside #damppebbles

"In a deadly Icelandic snowstorm, four friends seek shelter in an abandoned hunting lodge. But nothing can prepare them for what's inside. Forced to spend a long and terrifying night in the cabin, they watch intently and silently. Just as they themselves are being watched. As the night darkens, and old secrets spill into the … Continue reading #BookReview: Outside by Ragnar JΓ³nasson @MichaelJBooks #Outside #damppebbles

#BookReview: Nobody But Us by Laure Van Rensburg @MichaelJBooks #NobodyButUs #damppebbles

"Steven Harding is a handsome, well-respected professor. Ellie Masterson is a wide-eyed young college student. Together, they are driving south from New York, for their first holiday: three days in an isolated cabin, far from the city. Ahead of them, the promise of long, dark nights - and the chance to explore one another's bodies, … Continue reading #BookReview: Nobody But Us by Laure Van Rensburg @MichaelJBooks #NobodyButUs #damppebbles

#BookReview: This Might Hurt by Stephanie Wrobel @MichaelJBooks #ThisMightHurt #damppebbles

"Natalie Collins always has a plan. Her troubled younger sister Kit rarely does. Until Kit finds Wisewood, a secretive self-help retreat on a secluded Maine island. It promises you'll leave a better, braver version of yourself. But why does it forbid contact with the outside world? Why are there no testimonies from previous guests? Natalie … Continue reading #BookReview: This Might Hurt by Stephanie Wrobel @MichaelJBooks #ThisMightHurt #damppebbles

#BookReview: Breathless by Amy McCulloch @MichaelJBooks #Breathless #damppebbles

"When struggling journalist Cecily Wong is invited to join an expedition to climb one of the world's tallest mountains, it seems like the chance of a lifetime. She doesn't realise how deadly the climb will be. As their small team starts to climb, things start to go wrong. There's a theft. Then an accident. Then … Continue reading #BookReview: Breathless by Amy McCulloch @MichaelJBooks #Breathless #damppebbles

#BlogTour | #BookReview: The Perfect Escape by Leah Konen @MichaelJBooks #ThePerfectEscape #damppebbles

"YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO STOP READING. BECAUSE YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT . . . When her husband Harry walks out after just six months, a girls' weekend away with two friends seems like just what Sam needs. But they aren't even halfway to their destination when things start to go wrong: car … Continue reading #BlogTour | #BookReview: The Perfect Escape by Leah Konen @MichaelJBooks #ThePerfectEscape #damppebbles

#BookReview: The Burning Girls by C.J. Tudor @MichaelJBooks #TheBurningGirls #damppebbles

"500 years ago: eight martyrs were burnt to death30 years ago: two teenagers vanished without traceTwo months ago: the vicar committed suicide Welcome to Chapel Croft. For Rev Jack Brooks and teenage daughter Flo it's supposed to be a fresh start. New job, new home. But, as Jack knows, the past isn't easily forgotten. And … Continue reading #BookReview: The Burning Girls by C.J. Tudor @MichaelJBooks #TheBurningGirls #damppebbles

#BookReview: The Other People by C.J. Tudor @MichaelJBooks #TheOtherPeople #damppebbles

"She sleeps, a pale girl in a white room . . . Driving home one night, stuck behind a rusty old car, Gabe sees a little girl's face appear in the rear window. She mouths one word: 'Daddy.' It's his five-year-old daughter, Izzy. He never sees her again. Three years later, Gabe spends his days … Continue reading #BookReview: The Other People by C.J. Tudor @MichaelJBooks #TheOtherPeople #damppebbles

#BookReview: My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing #MyLovelyWife #damppebbles

"The twist at the end of the first chapter made me read through the night" Jane Corry Introducing the next generation of domestic thriller... "Every marriage has secrets. Everyone has flaws. Your wife isn't perfect - you know that - but then again nor are you. But now a serial killer is on the loose … Continue reading #BookReview: My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing #MyLovelyWife #damppebbles