#R3COMM3ND3D2017 with #BookBlogger Jen Lucas (@JenMedBkReviews) #JenMedsBookReviews

Today I am absolutely thrilled to welcome one of my very favourite people in the booky world to damppebbles, the lovely Jen Lucas of Jen Med’s Book Reviews.  Jen has kindly agreed to pop by and share her three recommended reads with us.

#R3COMM3ND3D2017 is an end of year feature on damppebbles where I ask fellow book bloggers and authors to choose three books published in 2017 and share their recommendations with us.  All books published in 2017, no matter what the genre, are up for nomination.  So without further ado, let’s see what the lovely Jen has picked…

now we are dead.jpg

Now We Are Dead by Stuart MacBride
With a brilliant blend of dark humour and a cracking plotline, this had me both stunned and laughing from start to finish. If you like the Logan McRae series you’ll know Roberta Steel and you’ll know the tone of the book. Using some of my favourite non-swear words it was just right up my street. And the hardback contains some wicked illustrations.

the man who died.jpg

The Man Who Died by Antti Tuomainen (trans. David Hackston)
Where to begin. From the moment I read the taster for this I knew I wanted to read it and it did not disappoint. A brilliant blend of a compelling story and wonderfully dry humour, in a setting which is just so perfectly captured, it has echoes of Fargo but with a Finnish flair. And mushrooms. And a hedgehog. What more do you need?

follow you

Follow You by Richard Parker
This just totally appealed to my dark sense of humour. Some macabre murders in this book, and a plot that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat. I was chuckling in probably all the wrong places but this was a boom, yes, in your face kind of a read for me which still makes me grin thinking about now. Loved it.


Brilliant, thanks for sharing these with us Jen.  I am a massive fan of Follow You by Richard Parker which I read recently.  I’ve heard nothing but positive things said about The Man Who Died and I’m utterly ashamed to admit I’ve never read a Stuart MacBride book!

If Jen has managed to pique your interest or if you would like to find out about any of the books she recommends then please see the following amazon.co.uk links:

Now We Are Dead by Stuart MacBride | The Man Who Died Antti Tuomainen | Follow You by Richard Parker |

About Jen:
I’m Jen, a fairly stressed, hair dye enhanced (sort of award-winning ish) book blogger from the Midlands. Transport manager by day and insomniac reader by night, I work hard to keep myself in books and keep my two cats and a dog in food and lick-e-lix. Often found lurking in corners at book gatherings as I’m also shy and a bit anti-social.

Jen’s Blog and Social Media Links:
Jen Med’s Book Reviews | Twitter | Facebook | 

#R3COMM3ND3D2017 is now sadly closed for 2017.  But fret not the feature will return in 2018, and I have lots of fabulous posts running between now and the New Year!

5 thoughts on “#R3COMM3ND3D2017 with #BookBlogger Jen Lucas (@JenMedBkReviews) #JenMedsBookReviews

  1. Finnish, mushrooms and a hedgehog sound like a perfect mix! 😀 I’ve been eyeing this book for a while.. looks like I just have to get it and read it! Other recs look very interesting as well… and, what’s that? oh, yeah, that’s the sound of my TBR fainting… again… for the second time today! XD


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